Posted by: Crystal | October 12, 2009

Tools for Dry Eye Relief

Dry Eye Relief

This time of year many patients complain of itchy, irritated or allergy related dry eyes. Dry eye is a common complaint among patients and with fall in full swing I am sure many doctors will be experiencing higher than usual inquiries on how to relieve dry eye symptoms.

Eyesential Dry Eye Sunglasses

Eyesential Dry Eye Sunglasses


Dry Eye Sunglasses are one options for your patients. They wrap around the face and have a soft padding to seal out debris and allergens. These also offer important UV protection.



Eye Drops

Eye Drops

Eye Drops are another common means of relieving Dry Eye symptoms. They can help soothe itching, irritated eyes and lubricate for lasting relief. These also make a great retail item for sale in the office. If patients return to the office to purchase eye drops they are more likely to schedule regular eye exams and purchase other retail items.  



DET Strips

DET Strips

Some patients have more severe cases of Dry Eye and may need to be tested for Dry Eye Syndrome. Amcon offers a Dry Eye Test Strip (DET) to help test the Tear Break Up Time of each eye. The slim tip design limits the amount of fluorecein that is applied to the eye. For more information or a sample of these strips please contact your Amcon Sales Rep.




Punctal Plugs

Punctal Plugs


Punctal Plugs are an increasingly popular solution to Dry Eye Syndrome and patients with dry eye complaints. They work by blocking one, or both, of the lacrimal canals in a patients eye, which increases the amount of natural tears in the eye.  Doctors are finding this to be a profitable addition to their regular procedures. Punctal Plugs are offered in short term (10-14 days), extended wear (2-6 months) or long terms options.



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  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    • Yes, feel free to link to our blog. Thanks for reading

  2. Dry eye is a condition that affects tear production and/or drainage. Patients may complain of eye stinging, burning, irritation or discomfort. Vision may be blurred, causing difficulty viewing a computer monitor, watching television or seeing clearly while driving

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