Posted by: Crystal | November 2, 2009

Spring Hinges… Help!

Frames with spring hinge temples are adored by patients, but they can be an optician’s worst nightmare.  The Amcon sales reps constantly hear, “What do you have to help me with springe hinges?” We cringe everytime we hear about your pinched fingers.

spring hinge kitA couple months ago I had a conversation just like this one with Terry from Kiowa Eyecare Center. At the time we had just introduced our new Spring Hinge Handling Kit so Terry decided to give that a try. This kit includes a double pin bench block along with a spring hinge tool, similar in design to forcepts. It can be extremely helpful when you need a few more hands to get the hinge and spring lined up.

After checking back with Terry I found out that tool just wasn’t for her. She was still seeking a solution to her spring hinge troubles.  She needed something simple. That is when I got Terry started using Self-Aligning and EZT screws.  This excerpt from explains:

Spring-hinge alignment screws: Alignment screws come with points to pull a “sprung” hinge over to the hole in the opposite side of the chassis mounting point. Spring-hinges are under constant tension, and the temple hole and chassis holes will not properly align while you are trying to assemble them. The point on the alignment screw allows you to grab the off-center hole and pull it so it is centered over the chassis hole. Then you can screw the two together.

  • Other techniques and other tools are available to assist in this procedure (thumbtacks, paper clips, specialty tools), but alignment screws provide the most practical method. Stocking these screws eliminates time-consuming and frustrating repairs, and greatly reduces the risk of damaging the frame.

sw2300g,01Terry recommends, “Try the EZT screws first…and if you are still having trouble then use the Self-Aligning screws”. She likes the sharp point on the Self-Aligning screws but thinks the EZT screws are more sturdy and do not break.

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