Posted by: Crystal | December 21, 2009

Preparing for 2010-Patient’s Point of View

Optical shop

A very important part of preparing your office for a new year is taking a look at your office from a patients point of view. Step back and take an objective look around. If you truly don’t think you can be objective consider asking a friend or family member to come in and tell you what they see. Sometimes when you see the same thing every day your brain stops paying attention to it.  But it is important to know what your patients are seeing when they come to your office.

Start outside the office. Make sure the area around your door and window is clean, freshly painted and pleasing to the eye. Make sure there a trash can for easy disposal of garbage so that it doesn’t end up on the ground outside your door or in your parking lot. When you first enter your office there should be somewhere for patients to wipe their feet if it is wet outside.  You might also consider having a coat rack so that patients will feel more comfortable browsing the store without their heavy coat and purse to hinder the shopping experience.

jz7026Look around the office for things that may give the impression that the office is old or out of date.  Look for stains in the carpet or scuffs on the wall. Many things are simply cosmetic and can be easily repaired with an afternoon of cleaning. Now is a good time to replace any mirrors that are chipped or cracked. You want your patients to focus on how great those frames look. Not on your damaged mirror.

Make sure that plants are watered and look well cared for. Remove any bows or tags that imply the plant was a gift so that the plant looks as if it belongs. In the exam room make sure that your charts and anatomical posters are clean and flat against the wall. Curled and dirty edges on posters and eye charts give patients the impression that the office is old or unclean.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and change your point of view.  Good luck in 2010!

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