Posted by: Crystal | January 18, 2010

New Products at Amcon

January is a time for fresh starts and trying new things. We introduced 20 new products in the Jan/Feb sale flyers that went out to our current customers.  We encourage you to take a look at the new products on our website. You can see new products featured online in the category labeled New at Amcon located on the right side navigation bar.

We understand that a few of these products are a little more fun than others. For example we have introduced a Pop-Up 3D Book that is filled with 3D images, a story about how 3D imagery works and two pairs of red/cyan glasses.  This book has been an instant hit! It is a fun way to engage your younger patients.

Pop-Up 3D Book

We have add new pharmaceuticals and expanded our line of Spanish products. Other new products include Lollypop eyeglass cases, new designs for patient supply bags and reminder postcards.

Acrylic T Chain Display

Lighted Mag Rx

Pivot Arm Silver Dispensing Mirror
Pivot Arm Silver Dispensing Mirror

The Amcon Sales Reps will be happy to give your more details about these or any of our other products.


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