Posted by: Crystal | January 28, 2010

Termite Eggs Found In Women’s Eyes

This story was posted on The Optical Vision Site this morning.  This is an extreme example of why it is so important to talk to your patients about proper contact lens care. Warning– This story will give you the heebee geebee’s

A 28-year-old woman, surnamed Lam, found termite eggs in her eyes after wearing a pair of contaminated contact lenses for five days. The termite eggs were believed to have gotten onto her contact lens when she was cleaning her house several weeks ago. Lam, however, did not notice until she felt itchiness and a pain in her eyes, which were also red with abnormal fluids coming out of it.

She went to Taipei Nobel Eye Clinic where a nurse found some white residue on her contact lens that was later identified as termite eggs. Dr Chang Chao-kei, chairman of the Taipei Nobel Eye Clinic, said she was diagnosed with Keratitis, which could develop into corneal ulcer that could cause blindness if not treated property.

Chang said there are three other kinds of foreign bodies that can get into our eyes and cause discomfort and eye diseases: chemicals, air pollutants, and bacteria/ viruses. Chang advised contact lens users to clean their contact lens and the cases thoroughly every day, and never to wear the contact lens for more than the time it was designated to be worn. He also advised the public not to wear contact lens for more than 16 hours a day. Lam, who used to wear contact lenses every day, said she decided to undergo laser surgery to fix her eyesight after this incident, so that she does not have to wear contact lenses ever again

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