Posted by: juliegriffey | February 7, 2010

Supplies Your Practice Should Have for an Emergency

Epipens are new at Amcon Labs

It’s better to be safe than sorry.  These three products are important to have on hand for different types of emergencies: Epipens, the Biohazard Spill Kit and the Angle Closure Glaucoma Emergency Treatment Kit.

Allergic reactions can be triggered by medications or other elements in the environment. Epipens inject epinephrine very quickly, suppressing the immune system and curbing the allergic reaction. Epipens are a new product for Amcon, just recently added to our product line.   They are currently offered on the Amcon web site and will make their debut in the 2010 Amcon product catalog.  Amcon carries two types of Epipens: a standard Epipen and Epipen Junior for patients weighing 33-66 lbs.

In a busy practice, there is always potential for spills of hazardous materials (blood, fluids, chemicals, etc…).  Containing all the components to help you get rid of a mess, the Biohazard Spill Kit is an easy clean-up solution. Amcon’s Biohazard Spill Kit meets OSHA’s requirements for an in-office spill kit.

Amcon’s Angle Closure Glaucoma Emergency Treatment Kit ensures that your practice is prepared for a patient with an angle closure.   It contains all the pharmaceuticals recommended for use on an angle closure patient, as stated in the 2008 Review of Optometry Clinical Guide to Ophthalmic Drugs.


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