Posted by: Crystal | February 15, 2010

Developing a Dry Eye Center

The January 15, 2010 edition of Review of Optometry featured an article on “How to Establish a Dry Eye Center”. This is part of the 11th annual Dry Eye Report. The article gives tips for creating a dry eye center in your practice, delegating responsibility to a particular staff member, providing your patients with educational materials on dry eye disease (DED) as well as discussing cost and profitability.

Adding a Dry Eye Center to your practice is a great way to offer new and valuable services to your existing patients as well as bring in new business. Many patients who suffer from dry eyes are not diagnosed and continue through their daily activities with eye irritation and discomfort.

Getting started does not have to involve a large investment. Brush up on recent studies about Dry Eye Disease and make sure you educate your staff as well. Integrate a Dry Eye Evaluation as part of the pre-exam paper work that patients fill out. Then make sure your office is stocked with a few basic supplies needed to diagnose dry eyes. We recommend Amcon’s Tear Flow Test Strips and Amcon’s Dry Eye Test Strips. These will allow you to accurately test for dry eye and have measurable results to record in your patient’s charts.

Have a plan of action on how to treat patients diagnosed with Dry Eye Disease and how to follow up with patients on their treatment. Be sure to have paperwork to send home with patients in case they have any questions after they leave your office. It is also a good idea to put a business card and/or another copy of your Dry Eye Evaluation in the take home packet. This will give your patient the ability to spread the word to friends who might also be suffering from Dry Eye Disease.

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