Posted by: Crystal | February 19, 2010

Bifocal Options for Prebyopia Patients

As baby boomers age, and begin to realize the effects of presbyopia, the demand for reading glasses and bifocals are increasing. Most people will purchase a variety of drugstore reading glasses before settling on a power that works for them and finally admitting to themselves that these vision aids really do help in their everyday life.  It is after your patient reaches this point of acceptance that they will come to you looking for more options.

sg1062So you already offer a variety of stylish readers in your office, what else do you need to offer? Many offices have begun to offer bifocal readers that have no prescription up top and magnification in the bifocal. This is especially useful for people who work in an office environment and are constantly looking up to talk to someone and then back down at the papers on their desk. Then there are the people who work with their hands. Don’t forget to talk to your patients about safety glasses.  Scorpion Mag Bifocal Safety Glasses offer comfortable, attractive safety glasses with bifocal insets in powers of +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50. They come in clear or gray lenses so you patient can choose.

Patients who like to read or work outside may be looking for a way to add the necessary magnification to sunglasses, but unwilling to pay for custom sun lenses. You can still provide for these patients. Optix 20/20 Hrydro Tac Reading Lenses (also known as Press On Bifocals) will affix to any pair of regular or sun lenses, instantly creating bifocals.

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