Posted by: juliegriffey | April 5, 2010

How can we help you hold on to your sunglasses?

We love our sunglasses.  They are a favorite summertime accessory, protecting our eyes and boosting our cool allure.

And we are willing to pay for them…  The U.S. Department of Commerce stated that Americans spend an astonishing $14 trillion a year on products that boost our coolness, with sunglasses being a key component. There are plenty of inexpensive styles of sunglasses available that adequately protect our eyes.  But for the ultimate cool quotient, a designer pair is a must – which will set you back as much as $300 – $500.

But why, after making such an investment, do we seem to always keep losing our sunglasses?  Changes in environments, bright sun to low light, cause us to remove sunglasses throughout our day and set them down to be left in random locations. Active play at the beach can propel our sunglasses from our faces only to be left at the bottom of the ocean.  (See: My Wayfarers Are Out There) Sunglasses can even fall our of our cars. (I know this may be a stretch – but my husband swears his $200 Maui Jims fell out of the side pocket of his car door).

In an effort to help you keep your new sunglasses and your cool.  Amcon suggests a few products:

1)  Eyeglass Floater Cords – Put these retainers on your sunglasses and when they fall in the water – they float.  Amcon sells them individually and in dozens.  There is even a style on clearance.

visor clip2) Visor Clips  – Clip your sunglasses securely to your car visor and prevent them from flying out the door.  Match the clip to the color of your car.

3) Eyeglass Cords and Chains – Our 2010 catalog features a variety of styles of chains and cords to keep your sunglasses on your face or hanging nearby.

So good luck this season hanging on to your shades and your cool.

We would love to hear how you have lost or held on to your favorite pair of shades.  Feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!



  1. […] enough, I’ve written about losing sunglasses in the past.  I think this was around the time last year when my husband lost his last pair of Maui Jims. […]

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