Posted by: juliegriffey | May 10, 2010

Finding the Right Replacement Bulb for Your Optical Equipment

Different Types of Bulbs Used in Optical Equipment

Different Types of Bulbs Used in Optical Equipment

At Amcon, we sell over eighty different bulbs for many different pieces of optical equipment. With so many different types of bulbs, some of which are very similar in appearance, it can be challenging to identify the correct replacement bulb for your optical equipment.

If you have received the 2010 Amcon catalog, or recently browsed the bulb area of our web site, you may have noticed that our bulb section has changed.  We no longer have line drawings to depict each bulb.  We now have actual photographs of every bulb that we stock.  In the catalog, bulbs are displayed at actual size (if possible – otherwise dimensions are supplied) to make it even easier to find the right bulb.  We also group bulbs by brand of machine  and list voltage, watts, amps, etc…

The following questions will make identifying the replacement bulb for your machine a breeze.

1) What type of machine is the bulb for?
2) Who is the manufacturer of the machine?
3) Do you know the model number of the machine?
4) What is the voltage and/or wattage of the bulb?
5) What is the length of the bulb?
6) What is the description of the bulb? (eg. clear, frosted, white, pear, globular, bullet shaped, etc)

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you and your sales representative find the right bulb for your machine.



  1. Another good piece of information to know is the ID# of the bulb. Many bulbs will have a number on them as well as the voltage and wattage. This ID# also helps us Amcon reps assist customers in finding the correct bulb. 🙂

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