Posted by: juliegriffey | May 31, 2010

Contact Lens Cases – Do as I say, not as I do.

Designer Contact Lens Cases at Amcon

Designer Contact Lens Cases at Amcon

It has been well documented that contact lens users should change their contact lens cases on a regular basis. Some sources recommend disposing of and replacing your contact lens cases every month. One would think that as a wearer of contact lenses and an employee of an eye care supply company, I would obey such guidelines religiously. Unfortunately that is not the case.  (no pun intended)

I suppose it is laziness, or forgetfulness. But every night when I take out my lenses and put them in the same old case that I have used for the past… (gasp) year I curse myself that I have failed to pick up a new case at work… again.

Dirty Old Contact Lens Case

My dirty, old contact lens case

To give you a better sense of the direness of the situation… My husband and I are both contact lens wearers.  We had both been using the free cases that come with our contact lens solution.  (The kind with one white and one green screw top.) And in our haste to get to bed each night we would take out our lenses, throw them in the first available case and leave them in a spot on the sink.  This practice led to many mornings of me mistakenly putting in my husband’s contacts. (Dang, is he blind!)  After doing this enough times to have wasted a cumulative hour of my life, I came up with the idea of switching the tops on the lens cases to make a green one and a white one (his and hers).  Pathetic, I know.  I should just get us some new contact lens cases.

The real tragedy of the situation, however, is the quantity and variety of contact lens cases that are available at Amcon – my place of business!  We have screw-top cases and flat packs and a whole line of designer contact lens cases encased in unique carrying cases.  We actually design our own cases so the styles we carry are unique to Amcon. And – each year we discontinue our weakest selling designer lens cases to make room for a line of new styles.

We also make sure that the cases we carry are good quality. This week we examined samples of contact lens cases that came in from a potential new vendor. We filled the cases with water and quickly discovered they leaked.  Needless to say – they won’t be added to our catalog.

But if it’s contact lens cases you want – Amcon is the place.  And, in fact, tomorrow I will pick myself out a new case.


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