Posted by: juliegriffey | June 7, 2010

Getting high for your eyes?

Traveling with my ophthalmologist father-in-law, Dr. Tom, this week, I was surprised to learn that he is occasionally asked for a marijuana prescription from his glaucoma patients. Since medical marijuana is illegal in the state of Virginia, (where he practices), and he believes there is little benefit, he has never actually written a prescription for pot.

But why in the world would a patient suffering from glaucoma be asking for marijuana? A quick search on the Internet revealed why. Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes increased fluid pressure inside the eyes.  Some studies have demonstrated that smoking (some forms) of marijuana reduce ocular pressure. However none of these studies have shown that it is more effective than current treatments on the market.

The other issue, is that glaucoma is a chronic condition. So to have the desired effect of sufficiently lowering ocular pressure, glaucoma patients would  have to be ingest marijuana every 3-4 hours. So, as my father-in-law so eloquently put it… “you would be pretty gorked up.”  What else am I going to learn on this trip??

Amcon offers several traditional glaucoma related drugs for optical professionals to administer to their patients.  Please visit the Amcon website for a complete listing of our pharmaceuticals.




  1. I think these patients may have ulterior motives for requesting prescriptions for the Marijuana, not just the Glaucoma. Could be they just want to be “gorked up”.

  2. hmmmmmmm…wondering where the picture came from?

    • stock image database – i swear!

  3. Nice post- Thank you for letting us know

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