Posted by: juliegriffey | June 21, 2010

Introducing Our New Web Site:

This week i am back in St. Louis and no longer traveling with my ophthmalogist father-in-law which means no more stretches of long drives discussing glaucoma and medical marajuana (fyi: my most popular blog topic to date) So I can’t rely on him for my blog topic.

Fortunately, we have something new and exciting to discuss: the launch of our new web site As many of you know, Amcon sells several different brands of diagnostic strips. What you might not know is that, Nomax, our parent company, is the manufacturer of many of these strips. So at our headquartes in St. Louis, we make our own brand of diagnostic strips (Amcon Fluorescein Glostrips™ 0.6 mg, Amcon Fluorescein Glostrips™ 1.0 mg, Amcon Rose Bengal Glostrips™, Amcon Tear Flow Test Strips and Amcon Dry Eye Test (DET) Strips (0.12 mg fluorescein)).

Making diagnostic strips at Nomax

Making diagnostic strips at Nomax

Nomax makes a LOT of diagnostic strips for Amcon as well as other companies. In fact, our machines can crank out 4/strips per second (that’s 14,400 diagnostic strips/hour). And, as a manufacturing facility with an on-site quality department and testing lab, we are able to keep close tabs on our processes and ensure the highest quality product.

The purpose of the new website ( is to spotlight our line of strips and allow our customers to easily request samples of all our diagnostic strips. So if you haven’t tried our strips, please take a moment to check out the new site and request some free samples. Thanks!



  1. I really like the new website showcasing our diagnostics strips. I’ve saved to my favorites and will be telling all of my customers to check it out!!!!!

  2. ‘s product page redirect gives 404’s

    • Can you be more specific? The site comes up fine for me and we are getting sample requests.

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