Posted by: juliegriffey | July 5, 2010

EZT, Self-Aligning and Self-Tapping Screws – What’s the Difference?

EZT, Self-Tapping and Self-Aligning ScrewsAs the director of e-commerce at Amcon, I am very familiar with the entire product line, however I am often not aware of the subtle differences between some of our products. One group of items that frequently eludes me, yet I frequently see in web orders, is the premium screw. Since they are on sale this month, I thought I would take a few minutes this week to learn how each one is used.

Amcon’s premium screws are available in three types: the self-tapping, the self-aligning and the EZT.  Made of stainless steel and extremely versatile, this family of screws have earned their position as our premium screws.

I asked our Carol Sue McKay to explain the difference between these three types of screws.

The EZT screw is the most versatile screw because it  is  3 screws in one: a self-aligning, a self-tapping and a self-locking screw.  EZT screws come in a good variety of diameters, sizes and colors.  The only negative I have found with the EZT screw is the large head size.  Sometimes it is too large to fit the thinner frames.

The self-aligning screw is designed for ease in attaching a spring hinge temple. The self-aligning screw will pull the barrels of the spring hinges together to easily insert the screw.

The self-tapping screw will be used when the inside of a barrel of a hinge is stripped out and a standard screw will not stay.  The longer threads on the screws will retap the inside of the barrel and the screw will securely hold in the hinge.  A great feature of the self-tap screw is the selection of head diameters.  You can choose a platform head that will lay flat on the top of the barrel or you can choose a small diameter head to set down in the flared end of the barrel.

Aha! So it is now much clearer. Carol also pointed out that we frequently hear from our customers that our premium screws are an exceptional value as well. Apparently, Amcon’s premium screws are half the price of one of our competitors. Now I can understand why these are such a customer favorite!

To learn more about the self-tapping, self-aligning and EZT screws, please visit our web site at:



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