Posted by: juliegriffey | July 11, 2010

The cost of missed appointments

One of our newest postcard styles.

In any medical practice, revenue is dependent on patients coming in for their appointments. However, getting patients to actually come in for an appointment might require an extra nudge. When you work in the optical field, your vision is always on our mind. But for patients… not so much.

Don't forget to get your eyes checked!A few years ago we launched a line of appointment reminder postcards that can be personalized with different messages and the practice information. Our philosophy was that a striking and humorous vision-related image would catch the attention of the recipient and he or she would pay attention to the message on the card (and book their optical appointment). Apparently our thinking was spot on, as our appointment postcards have been very popular with our customers.

I asked our Director of Advertising for some more information about our postcards.

As a testament to the quality and effectiveness, 1 out of 4 (25%) customers who order, reorder again. Reorders are responsible for 35% of our total post card sales. As the over all post card sales grow, the reorders grow exponentially.

Customers seem to be very satisfied with the quality of the postcards. They are a glossy card stock without rough or perfed edges. The size is the US Post Office preferred post card size in order to qualify for the most efficient postal rate. Cards arrive at the office with return address and message pre printed, and ready to mail.

This past holiday season we offered a holiday line of postcards which were very popular. Our customers saw it as an opportunity to send their patients a holiday greeting while reminding them to come in for their appointment.

This month we are offering two styles of our postcards on sale.


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