Posted by: juliegriffey | July 18, 2010

New Eyes for the Needy

Girl in Glasses

New Eyes for the Needy: An Easy Way to Help a Child See

This week I was reading The WEEK magazine and came across an interesting article: “Best websites for recycling just about everything.”  It caught my attention because one of the sites pertained to the optical field: New Eyes for the Needy, an organization that provides glasses to needy individuals.

I visited their web site and was excited to see how easy it is to help this organization. As with almost any non-profit, charitable organization, New Eyes for the Needy welcomes monetary donations.  However, they also accept donations of used eyeglasses which they give directly to people in need.  They even accept donations of other unusual items that can be resold with proceeds going to the purchase of new glasses. Here is a list of the items they will gladly accept:

  • plastic eyeglasses, reading glasses and sunglasses in good condition;
  • metal eyeglasses in any condition
  • hearing aids
  • pairs or prescription lenses
  • watches, silver and gold jewelry, and costume jewelry
  • silverware and giftware
  • dentures with gold inlays

Have any of these unwanted items laying around and want to help?  Visit this page to learn where and how to ship them:

Check out the site to view moving video testimonials of people who have benefited tremendously from their glasses supplied by this organization.

We will definitely keep them in mind when we are cleaning our warehouse and sample cabinet.


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