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Preventing Eye Infections In Contact Lens Users: Vista Prep Optical Hand Scrub is Amcon’s Simple Solution

CL hand cleaningVista-Prep Optical Hand Scrub was one of Amcon’s first products. It was developed in the mid 1980s to address the contact lens wearer’s need for a hand scrub that left no residue on the hands to prevent soap from getting in the eye when inserting a contact lens.

(If you are a contact lens wearer and this has not happened to you, consider yourself lucky.  I have not only gotten soap in my eye via contact lens insertion, I have also put jalapeño residue into my eye.  Talk about painful!… but I digress.)

Since the 1980’s, Amcon has made Vista-Prep at our headquarters in St. Louis.  Because it is such a beloved product, it seems we are always increasing the volume we produce. (We now make about 2,340 gallons each year.)  Frequently, we even have patients seek us out who have used Vista-Prep at their doctor’s office and want to know how to purchase it.

This week we received a nice reminder of why Vista-Prep is such a great product.  Thank you to Barby Jewett at The Optometry Center in Los Angeles California for sharing this with us. (Who knew you could wash your clothes with Vista-Prep?  I’ll keep that in mind next time I am low on detergent.)

I have been working at the Optometry Center in Los Angeles California for almost 30 years. I work with our contact lens patients. We fit a lot of medically necessary contact lenses as well as disposables. I tell all contact lens patients that you can have the best contact lens and the best lens care system but if your hands are not clean and free of oils everything falls apart.

Before handling contact lenses the instructions from contact lens companies state to wash hands with a mild soap or soap that does not contain lotion, oil, fragrance or deodorant. It is difficult to find. Even if you do find a mild product that does not leave a residue on your hands it won’t remove all items you have come in contact with. Sunscreen, lotion, diaper ointment, shaving cream and aftershave are just a few items that are difficult to remove. When we eat with our hands, French fries, potato chips, pizza and fried chicken these are a few items that leave behind oil that is difficult to remove.

We have been using Vista-Prep Optical Hand Scrub for years and it is one of my favorite products. It will get your hands clean and free of oils. It is also great for washing your eyeglasses. You can also use it to hand wash clothes on vacation.

Stocking and selling Vista-Prep Optical Hand Scrub is one of the best things you can do for your office and patients. When your hands are not clean you transfer this to your contact lens. If you put on a contact lens with an oily fingerprint your vision is not clear, it is uncomfortable and your eye no longer recognizes your contact lens. The eye reacts as if you have a foreign object in it that does not belong there. Our patients love Vista-Prep Optical Hand Scrub. We have patients that were unable to wear contact lenses comfortably until they started using it. Remember this is an optical hand scrub not soap so we always refer to it by name.

Since Vista-Prep Optical Hand Scrub is not available in stores your patients will return to you to purchase this product. This is a good thing. We have patients purchase new sunglasses because they see a pair they like when all they came to purchase was Vista-Prep Optical Hand Scrub. I tell our patients that if Amcon were to sell this in stores they would have to do tamper resistant packaging and that would add to the cost. Amcon wants to help keep the cost down. How nice for all of us.

Vista-Prep Optical Hand Scrub stops problems before they start and it solves a lot of problems that have occurred. I urge everyone to give this product a try. I am certain you will love it as much as I do.

– Barby Jewett,
The Optometry Center in Los Angeles California

Thank you again to Barby.  Vista-Prep Optical Hand Scrub in the 12 oz pump is on sale this month at Amcon.



  1. I have a few other things I use Vista Prep on.
    In the laundry, my husband wears white uniform shirts and it gets ring around the collar out. Wearing socks without shoes gets the bottoms dirty,wet the sock, rub VP on it and throw in the washer WALLA-clean socks. Cuffs on sweatshirts get almost black, wet the sleeve with water and rub VP in, throw in washer and white cuffs again.
    We have used it to shower and wash hair on vacation when the motel forgot to give us soap and or shampoo.
    I used to have a dog with long silky fur. The dog shampoo went flat and wouldn’t suds. VP suds up, cut the grease and left her fur silky.
    I also love it for
    my contacts. I guess you can tell I am sold on it. I always tell my customers how it cleans your fingers before touching contacts. Never use soap.
    Just thought I would let you know what a good product it is.

    • I have also found Vista Prep will get ink stains out. I got red ink on a favorite pair of tan slacks, I used Vista Prep on the stain before laundering, voila! no ink stain. Vista Prep has almost as many uses as vinegar!

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