Posted by: juliegriffey | August 2, 2010

Back to School Vision Testing

Child getting vision checked

Have you checked your child's vision?

As a mother of three young children, I have to be aware of all of the required appointments needed prior to school starting. Recently, new laws have passed in many states requiring school-aged children to get their vision checked.

Fortunately, for us, with two ophthalmologists in the family, arranging a vision test is no big deal.  (See previous postings featuring Dr. Tom, my father-in-law: Getting High for your Eyes? &  Which Came First – The Glasses or the Geek?)  But for most people, this means introducing your child to an optometrist or a ophthamologist at an early age.

But why these new laws? Why is this important? According to optometrist, Dr. Michal Luchins, one in four children struggles with reading and school work because of undiagnosed vision problems. The reason why is because nearly 80% of what a child learns is obtained visually. Therefore, a vision problem can put a child at a serious disadvantage.

In fact, this spring a mother of one of my daughter’s friends informed me that their kindergarten teacher recommended her daughter for summer school.  Apparently the teacher thought that her little girl was behind the rest of the class. Interestingly enough, she ended up needing glasses and started wearing them to school this spring. Could it have been her vision problems that kept her behind?

So what’s a mom (or dad) to do?  Learn about the requirements in your state and get your children’s vision tested. Requirements for different states vary.  Here are some resources that explain what the different laws are:

If you are part of an optical practice, do you see an uptick in appointments for younger patients during this time of year?What are the most essential products to have on hand for testing kids’ vision?

Amcon carries many optical and exam supplies for children. Visit our web site for more information.



  1. My 5 year old showed no signs of having any vision problems…but when we went in for his first exam required by his school…they found he needed glasses. Here was the problem..nothing for him to do in the office while waiting to see the Dr and he ran around like a mad man..I brought the new book I bought from here (Amcon) “Randy Kazandy Where are your glasses?” And he sat down and read with me. I sugguest every office have this book if not to calm the running children down…Oh and my son absolutely loved our Amcon stickers he got at the end of his exam

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