Posted by: juliegriffey | August 8, 2010

Considering Lasik Surgery? Sites that Might Scare You

LASIKI am a regular contact lens wearer. I do have glasses – but I only wear them at night or just when I wake up in the morning. However, on a road trip this week, I wore my glasses. We left extremely early in the morning, and my husband was doing the early driving so I opted to just wear my glasses to allow myself to go back to sleep without having to wear my contacts. Anyway – this led lead to an entire day of me sporting my glasses – which is definitely unusual for me.

I hate wearing my glasses. They slip and slide around. They get dirty. They fog up. My 1-year-old constantly pulls them off of my face. And while I may look okay, I don’t feel very attractive wearing glasses.   So by the end of the day – I thought to myself – why not just get Lasik and put an end to all this? I’m sure that Dr. T or Dr. P (my inlaws) would give me the family discount. So why not take the plunge?

This thought led me to surfing the Internet looking for  information regarding the possible complications from Lasik surgery. I’m sure that statistically Lasik is a very simple and safe procedure. However – a quick search has turned up some pretty gruesome sites.

Check out: – a site subtitled: “Top Ten Reasons Not to Have LASIK”   I have no idea what the motivation was for putting together this site.  However – they have managed to present the argument that having LASIK can be lethal by conveying a story about a young man who had such terrible complications from LASIK surgery that it depressed him so much he committed suicide.

A search for Lasik Surgery Horror Stories produced an abundance of sites detailing patients’ bad experiences with Lasik surgery.  See:  While many of these sites serve as good precautionary information for people considering the procedure – such as making sure you are a viable candidate prior to going under the knife, some of the sites seem  intentionally geared towards convincing people not to get the surgery.

While a bit of this information is helpful, reading some of the content on these sites caused me to wonder: why would such sites exist and who benefits by scaring people into not getting Lasik?  Do eyeglass frame companies put up these web sites? Who else would be motivated to scare people in this way?

As for me – the Lasik question is still on hold. But I have to admit – after looking at these sites, I’m less inclined to rush into this procedure.



  1. I tried to have lasik several years ago by TLC. After much testing I was told I have severe dry eyes. I was given a prescription for Restasis, told to use it and come back in 3 months. When I was retested my dryness had not improved and was told I was not able to have lasik done. My son had it done about 6 years ago and as he gets older, his eyes get dryer. I was told persons with dry eyes, that get lasik, will tend to progressivly get dryer. Also you have to be carefull taking medications that contain antihistimes that further increase dryness

  2. Any doctor even testing to see if a patient is a good canidate for Lasik should be explaining that after the procedure they can experience dry eyes for up to 3 years longer if the patient is a smoker. I’ve seen the procedure done live 10 yrs ago when I started in the industry and to tell you the truth I would suggest glasses and contacts to anyone over Lasik. But of course that’s my opinion.

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