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The Amcon Sales Reps Tell All!

Amcon Sales Reps Tell All

Joyce, and the other Amcon sales reps share their experiences.

This week, I thought it would be interesting to hear from the Amcon sales representatives.  They are our front-line and have a lot of interesting and informative information to share.  Thanks for contributing!

1) Are there any products that customers are happy and surprised to discover in the Amcon product line?

“tono pen covers” – Sherri

“Solitaire Solarshields Everyone likes the small, med and large sizes. They are modern looking frames for all ages to wear after post cataract surgery. Also the High Power readers in extened diopters.” – Mary

“Children’s Conversion Cable Ends & Heat Shrink” – Amy M.

“Just the wide variety of products we carry. It really is one-stop-shop” – Julie F.

2) What is the most unusual product someone has called in looking for?

“I am getting requests for Viroptic eye drops. It treats Herpes in the eye.”  – Sherri

“It’s not really “unusual”, but the most interesting thing I’ve seen orders for are the eye doctors who have us personalize items to use as their wedding favors.  I think this is such a wonderful idea, not only because it ties the favor to something about the couple, but also because it’s a favor that is actually useful!  We’ve always gotten positive feedback on the finished product also. ”  – Amy F.

“Liquid Cocaine” – Amy M. (Really, Amy???)

“mini fridge, trash bags, file cabinets, toilet paper” – Julie F.

3) What product have you gotten the most positive feedback on, why?

“Our screws, customers love our screw prices.  Most offices do these repairs for FREE, they need to be able to replace screws and nosepads for as little as possible.” – Joyce

“All of our manufactured products: Solar-Rolz, Flat Packs (which are latex free), Royal Removers, lens cleaner etc. Since we manufacture we are able to pass along a better saving to them. I always mention this to my customers. A customer will always save with our quantitiy catalog discounts. – Mary

“The Designer Contact Lens Cases: people absolutely love these & the new designs that we continue to bring in. They are a great retail item.” – Amy M.

4) Are there any products that confuse customers – where you feel like you must provide education?

“On all screws” – Beth (See our recent blog entry comparing EZT, Self-Tapping and Self-Aligning Screws)

“I just got off the phone with a customer that I had to educate about Optimum by Lobob and what the different solutions are for and when should they use them.  I also have to tell a lot of customers the difference between a self tapping screw and a self aligning screw.  You would be amazed at the number of opticians who don’t know the difference or even that there is a difference.” – Joyce

“Tools always confuse them.” – Amy M. (They confuse us, too.  See the recent blog entry on top cutters and side cutters. We made a video demonstrating the difference and plan to make more.)

spring hinge alignment– Julie F. (We also did a blog entry on spring hinges!)

5) Complete this sentence…. “My customers tell me that they started buying from Amcon, because….”

“of referral from another office.” – Julie F.

“…when they ask for their sales representive they get to them.  At other companies you talk to someone different everytime. Also when their is a sale item I call them to let them know.”  -Beth

“…they were looking for a vendor that had great prices, good quality and most of all great customer service.  People like being treated like they and their needs matter.  A good many of our customers started buying from Amcon because they needed the contact lens accessories we provide, now they know, they can get almost everything they need for our “onestopshop”  business.” – Joyce

“they had a positive experience. It’s the best compliment-they end up converting their office to buying from Amcon because of the positive experience they’ve already had…customer service and the quality of products are always the best combination!” – Amy M.

“they like the Solar-Rolz™ and they get the best customer service. I have received many compliments over the phone” – Vicki



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