Posted by: juliegriffey | September 5, 2010

Are You Allergic to Your Glasses?

Are you allergic to your glasses?

This weekend I was visiting with a friend who has a near-sighted 10-year-old daughter named Hannah.  I noticed that Hannah was wearing a new pair of glasses since we had seen each other a few weeks prior.  I complimented her on her new look to which her mother (my friend) responded – “we had to get them – she was allergic to her old pair!” She then reminded me of the persistent patch of eczema that they  battled all last year.   On her pediatrician’s suggestion, she replaced her metal-framed glasses with a plastic frame, and the rash went away.

My first reaction was to ask if she had tried replacing the nosepads of her glasses. At Amcon, our most popular nosepads are made of silicone.  I have learned that when people are allergic to silicone, they opt for nosepads made of alternative materials such as PVC, acetate or even glass. But, my friend said she had tried different nosepads, and the rash did not go away. They had concluded that Hannah was allergic to the metal in the frames and not the nosepads.

After researching a bit on-line, I discovered that a metal allergy is not uncommon.  It seems like nickel is one of the most common metal allergies, more frequently affecting women (but this may due to the fact that women wear more jewelry which often contains nickel). However, other metals used in eyeglass frames such as titanium can cause allergic reactions as well.

So kids and adults with stubborn facial eczema… a new pair of glasses may clear it up (and provide a good excuse to update your look).



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