Posted by: juliegriffey | September 13, 2010

Holiday Retailing in October – Who is Buying?

Here I am – still in my shorts and flip flops, and yet, it is already time to think about the holidays. In the latest September/October sales flyer, Amcon featured a variety of new holiday themed items: supply bags, lens cleaner, postcards and designer lens cases. While I understand that retailers must order merchandise to put on the shelves in time for holiday gift buyers, I wondered – how early to people really start shopping for holiday gifts and who is buying?

Every year I vow to be done with my Christmas shopping prior to Thanksgiving. I have visions of me relaxing by the fire as my wrapped gifts lie under the tree. However, this never seems to happen. I am definitely more of a December shopper kind of gal – but could I be in the minority?

According to Mediamark Research & Intelligence, 35% of consumers (62 million people!!) begin Christmas shopping before Black Friday. Several articles on the Web encourage consumers to start shopping in early October! Seriously?

Who are these early shoppers? Apparently the stereotypical young male making purchases on Christmas Eve is not just a stereotype. 62% of early shoppers are women and Baby Boomers are the largest single age group of early shoppers.

So, as September moves along and we stock up on retail items for the beginning of the holiday season, it makes sense to keep the early shopper profile in mind.

Merry Christmas?



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