Posted by: juliegriffey | September 19, 2010

Optimum by Lobob Solutions: What’s the Difference?

Optimum by Lobob

Optimum by Lobob Solutions

A few weeks ago we heard from the Amcon sales reps who shared some of the most common questions they got from their customers. Many of these common questions we have addressed in previous blog posts. Some of these questions sparked ideas for future blog entries.

One of these questions was what are the difference between the three Optimum by Lobob Solutions. Our sales rep, Joyce, clears it up.

The Optimum by Lobob Solutions are solutions for RGP contact lenses. You will always use the Soaking Solution (AH-3501) more than the cleaner (AH-3503), because you use them daily/nightly.  The extra strength cleaner  is for those hard to get off protein deposits.  The wetting solution (AH-3502) is for rewetting the lens in between cleaning / soaking.

The Optimum by Lobob Solutions are on sale this week at Amcon Labs.


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