Posted by: juliegriffey | September 27, 2010

Do it Yourself Glasses Repair

Friday was a beautiful day in St. Louis: sunny, clear, not too hot – hints of Fall in the air.  Perfect. Driving through mid Missouri (without kids) stopping at wineries on our way down to the Lake of the Ozarks, taking in the scenery and enjoying the peace. All I needed was a pair of shades.  But here’s the problem. Of the three new pairs of sunglasses I have bought over the past year, two are broken and one is poolside at a hotel in Phoenix.  So as I squinted my way through another wine tasting I vowed to try to fix my broken sunglasses.

While, admittedly, I am pretty rough on my sunglasses, the real reason my collection is in disrepair is primarily due to my curious little 13-month-old boy.  He is constantly pulling my glasses off my face, bending them and disposing of them when they are no longer entertaining. (What makes a child think that sunglasses belong in the potty?) Anyway – the only reason why I think I can salvage these sunglasses is because the repair should be fairly straightforward -in both cases the screw simply popped out of the hinge.

From my work at Amcon – I know that i might need to use a self-tapping screw that “retaps the inside of the barrel” of the hinge in order for it to hold it together.  Putting a new screw into the hinge should do the trick. But in case I am missing something – I decided to look on-line for how-tos.

What I discovered was a wealth of information on how to fix all sorts of issues you might have with your glasses.  Here is a sampling.

1) Keeping the screw tight in the hinge of your glasses – this article recommends using clear nail polish.

2) Temple broken off or stretched too wide? This video offers many suggestions on how to make various repairs – with an important disclaimer that if you make these repairs yourself – you will most likely lose the warranty on your glasses.   (I don’t think I will be trying the coat hanger as eyeglass arm replacement piece method any time soon).

3) Have lightly scratched lenses?  You can buy polishing kits or experiment with alternative methods suggested in this article.

4) Frames broken completely? The method described in this article looks complex but seems to produce outstanding results.  Keep the tape in place and proudly sport your geek sheik.

I imagine I might be hearing from some optical professional to discourage some of these practices. Or maybe some additional helpful suggestions.



  1. A patient presented with complaint of a constant irritation and stabing pain in the right lid. The problem began 48 hours previusly after a dirt bike accident in which her glasses were damaged but repaired by her husband. Upon examination, she indeed had a right superior lid temporal area of inflamation, excavation,and epidermal scratches that looked like an ice rink surface after a Bruins practice.

    Picking up her glasses, astute observer that I am, I remarked that her husband had used an unconventional but successful technique in repairing them. I did suggest that next time a hinge screw needs to be replaced that he go beyond bending a straight pin at 90 degrees and leaving the pin tip long enough to reach her lid.

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