Posted by: juliegriffey | October 4, 2010

What glasses flatter my face?

I am a contact lens wearer and only put on my glasses the moment I get into my pajamas.  So – rarely does anyone ever see me in my glasses besides my immediate family.

On occasion I see someone wearing glasses and I think – wow – she looks so cute/sophisticated/intelligent in her glasses and wonder why I don’t feel the same way about myself.   Then it occurred to me that maybe I hadn’t picked a flattering pair of specs.   So I started looking on-line and found that there are several resources on the Web that help you pick a frame that flatters your face.

First, I learned  that your face shape should contrast the shape of your frames and color choices of frames should enhance your best features, e.g. blue frames work well with blue eyes. apparently knowing your skin tone should help guide your eyeglass frame decision.

This was all interesting information, but I wanted to find a site that would just tell me what frames to buy. The next site I found – asked you to take a test with the promise of leading you to a flattering pair of glasses. But after about 20 questions I gave up. The site was promoting transition lenses so it seems like every response yielded the result: “have you tried transition lenses?”

The lens crafters site seemed promising but was a bit of a disappointment.  It allows you to upload your photo and then you can determine what type of face shape you have.  I thought I would then be able to try out different glasses virtually – but you can’t.  The only thing I learned was that my face seems to be oval shaped and that should mean I can wear most types of frames.  Not helpful.

There has to be something out there that will allow me to see myself in different types of frames.   Anyone know of one?  Or will I forever avoid wearing glasses in public?


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