Posted by: juliegriffey | October 24, 2010

Pink Eye Season?

Pink Eye is Going Around

Last week my daughter was sent home from school with a case of what her teacher thought was pink eye.  Fortunately – it was not.  Her eye was a little pink because she had an ear infection.  (I had no idea that this was a related side effect…good to know).  Anyway – her teacher had reason to be concerned because another student in the class did have pink eye and now this week, one or two more. Pink eye is definitely going around.

When I spoke to the teacher about it, she mentioned that pink eye always seems to be going around during this time of year.  Coincidentally – I overheard our purchasing department discussing the fact that our pink eye detection kit is in highest demand during the end of summer and early fall months. This caused me to wonder, is there a season for pink eye?  And now that the weather is turning cooler, are we out of the woods?

Most pink eye cases are caused by a virus – not a bacteria.  And because it is a virus, it would seem that it would be most rampant during the winter months (like the flu virus). Yet, this does not seem to be the case.

After searching on-line for a while – I can’t seem to find any answers.  Is pink eye really most common in the late summer/early fall? And why?


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