Posted by: juliegriffey | November 14, 2010

Can Viva Drops Help Dry Eye Caused by Sjogren’s Syndrome?

Viva Drops

Viva Drops: Could this help people with Sjogren's Syndrome?

This week one of our customers, an ophthalmologist from Illinois, asked for some sample of Viva Drops for a friend who suffered from Sjogren’s Syndrome.  His question: could Viva Drops help? Our answer: we don’t know.  First of all – what is Sjogren’s Syndrome and how does it relate to the optical field?

According to various sources on-line,  Sjogren’s Syndrome is “a chronic, autoimmune disease where a person’s white blood cells attach their moisture-producing glands.”  Approximately 4 million Americans suffer from Sjorgren’s Syndrome –  90% of whom are women.  Average age of onset is late 40s. Symptoms include dry mouth, dry skin, dry nose, dry eye, fatigue and joint pain, concentration and memory loss, GI problems, dental decay and more serious issues such as neuropathies, corneal ulcerations and infections, recurrent bronchitis and pneumonia and abnormal liver function.

Since Sjogren’s is a chronic disease, there is no cure. Patients can only manage their symptoms. Doctors recommend using a rewetting drop to ease the pain of dry eye.  Viva Drops are designed to provide instant Dry Eye relief, protect your eyes from damage, and prevent further irritation. Many of us who have used Viva Drops can attest to its effectiveness.  Could Viva Drops also help people with Sjogren’s?  It seems like it would.  We would love to find out.  Patients with Sjogren’s – we would love to hear from you.  We will be more than happy to send you Viva Drops samples and hear how they worked for you.



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