Posted by: juliegriffey | December 4, 2010

Sjogren’s and Viva Drops: Proven Relief for Dry Eye

A few weeks ago we posed the question, Could Viva Drops be a good treatment regimen for people with dry eye due to Sjogren’s Syndrome? At that time, we did not know anything about the disease and only speculated that Viva Drops would provide dry eye relief to patients with Sjogren’s.  Since then we have heard from the former sales director of Viva Drops in the early 90’s when Viva Drops was manufactured by Vision Pharmaceuticals.  (Viva Drops are now made by Dakota Labs which is a sister company of Amcon Labs).

Here’s what she had to say about Viva Drops and Sjogren’s…

“Yes, Sjogren’s Syndrome does cause dry eye – and it can get very severe and painful in the later stages.  Many patients find that their eyes burn severely and they need to use a lubricating drop like Viva Drops several times daily.  By several times, I’m talking like every hour or even more frequently when they initially begin using Viva Drops – but this depends on the patient. When they first begin treating their dry eye, the drops will likely cause a burning sensation. This burning is caused by the eye being so dry that the pH of their eye is all out of whack and either lower or higher than the pH of the Viva Drops. The patient needs to know that they will experience this, and that after using the drops on a regular basis, the burning will subside. If they aren’t told, they will likely discontinue use altogether.  After using the drops for awhile (like several weeks) they will find they don’t need them quite as frequently, but still should use them a minimum of 3-5 times daily to keep their eyes well lubricated and comfortable.  They should also be told that they can use the drops as often as needed for comfort. There is nothing in them that will hurt them.  If they are using another drop (medicated, from the doctor) they can still use Viva Drops, but there should be a period of about 15 – 30 minutes between the two types of drops so as not to dilute the effectiveness of the prescription drops.  I found that many  patients were using a few different kinds of drops all at the same time – thinking it would help I suppose.  I would recommend they discontinue use of any other drops they might have (except for the prescription drops) to get the full effectiveness of the Viva Drops.”

So there you have it.  Now that I know little about Sjogren’s I had to flaunt my knowledge to my ophthalmologist father-in-law, Dr. Tom.  When he mentioned  that my mother-in-law was having trouble with dry eye and a sore throat – I had to ask “do you think she has Sjogren’s?”  I think he was impressed.  ha.


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