Posted by: juliegriffey | December 27, 2010

Holiday Eye Injuries

It was the day after Christmas and our house was a wreck.  Every surface seemed to be strewn with wrapping paper and boxes, toys, clothes, books, you name it…  As we cleaned up our kids were happily entertained by all their new toys.

Never would it have occurred to me that such a setting could be dangerous. However, the holidays, especially the day after Christmas when kids are playing with new toys and people are moving around Christmas trees and decorations is a time ripe with eye injuries. In fact, eye injuries are so prevalent at this time of year, that the American Academy of Ophthalmology promotes Safe Toys and Celebrations Month in December.

So – what causes these eye injuries and how can we prevent them?  It basically boils down to this.

1) Don’t give your kid a BB gun or paint gun.  Pretty obvious.
2) Be cautious about giving a kid darts, bows and arrows, and other tows or sports equipment with protruding, sharp points unless it is age appropriate.
3)  If you give sports equipment, make sure you also give the recipient the proper eye protection for the associated sport.sg10624) Watch your eyes when moving around your christmas tree. Lights can burst and branches and needles can swing back into your face.

Happy Holidays and Keep Your Eyes Safe.


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