Posted by: juliegriffey | January 10, 2011

Amcon Production Department Looks Back on 2010

1oz AR Kleen® Contempo Pre-Pack Display

1oz AR Kleen® Contempo Pre-Pack Display

The in-house production department at Amcon Labs has had a very busy year. They are responsible for producing most of the liquid items sold in the Amcon catalog, including all lens cleaner, optical hand scrub and pre-moistened towelettes.

In 2010 alone,  Amcon produced over 14,000 gallons of AR Kleen, representing a nearly three and a half percent increase over 2009. The biggest jump in production in 2010 was the AR Kleen 1oz Display. This not only includes the display, but 18 1oz bottles of AR Kleen. We also saw a big jump in AR Kleen® Gallon Refill, with nearly 3.4% increase.

Another product that saw a big jump in production this year was the Vista Wipes pre-moistened towelettes, with nearly an 18% increase for 2010. Could it be that our new package design launhed in mid 2008 made the product more appealing? If so – this certainly bodes well for our Vista-Prep as we have introduced a new design for the 12oz bottle with pump in 2011.

While most varieties of Vista-Prep held fairly steady in 2010, we did experience a bump in production on the Vista-Prep 32oz refill with an 8% increase in 2010 over 2009.

We would like to thank everyone in the production department for a good year. It takes a lot of hard work and coordination to stay on top of Amcon’s in house production needs.



  1. I would like to thank the production department for all the hard work they put in every day. We in the sales department do our best to keep them busy, pumping out product all the time. Surprisingly, they are able to keep up with the demands of our ever growing customer base. Cudos to the team for a job well done.

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