Posted by: juliegriffey | February 20, 2011

Amcon Supports the MIRA Foundation USA

Amcon Supports the MIRA Foundation USA

A few months ago, through contacts with our sister company, Dakota Labs, we had the pleasure of meeting Bob Baillie.  Bob is the founder of MIRA, an organization that provides guide dogs to blind adults and children who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

After Bob lost his vision a few years ago, he learned that he would not be eligible for a guide dog until he completed extensive mobility and orientation training.  He aggressively pursued developing these skills and once he was ready, attended a 30-day training school (MIRA Canada) to learn how to work with his new guide dog, Devon.

Bob was so moved by the positive effect Devon had on his life that he wanted to help other blind people get their own guide dogs. However, the cost to train both the dog and the individual is approximately $60,000.  So, Bob founded the non-profit organization, MIRA USA, with the short-term goal of obtaining guide dogs and 30-days of training at MIRA Canada for two individuals each year.  The longer term goal of MIRA is to establish a guide-dog training center in North Carolina.

Amcon Labs is proud to support such a worthy organization and help get the word out.

For more information, please contact: Beth Daniels, Director of Development.


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