Posted by: juliegriffey | March 20, 2011

Hello from Vision Expo East in New York City

A rare, quiet moment at the Amcon Booth at Vision Expo East 2011 in New York City

I’m sure many of you  – like us –  are in the midst of packing up and heading home from Vision Expo East after a very busy few days of stomping around the Javitz center. We enjoyed seeing many of our customers and getting to know some new ones.

While working the Amcon booth is busy, but fun, it is a long day on your feet, which can be exhausting. However, there are a few perks. Here’s my top 10.

1) Free totes. The red Ray Ban bags have been our favorite in the past… but this year I had my eye on the shiny blue bags from the MIDO booth. Never got one though.
2) Free M & Ms in the Luxotica booth. I ate more M & Ms in the past 3 days than I have in the past year.
3) Free Coppertone sunscreen from the Coppertone people looking to get rid of their stock on Sunday. Note to self: do not put in carry-on bag.
4) Great new product suggestions from our customers. We have a lot of people come to our booth looking for something specific and we take all these suggestions home so we can try to source these product requests.
5) Free Beer. Actually – we were so busy in the booth that we never made it to the free beer – but we have in the past and it looks REALLY good.  When we start seeing the beer, we know the day is almost over.  And I did ask… “why don’t we have beer in our booth?”  Maybe in 2012.
6) Seeing our vendors. VEE is a great time for our vendors to visit us and share information about new products or simply catch up.
7) Scouting celebrities… again see #5… sounded like fun but we were too busy. I did walk by the booth where Snooki was about to make an appearance and witnessed about 200 people waiting in line to see her. Really?
8) Spying on competitors. Yes – I’ll admit it – we’re checking you out and I’m sure you guys are doing the same.
9) Free gifts to bring back to the kids. Whatever frame company was giving out the peace sign necklaces just made my “shopping” to bring home something to the kids a lot easier.
10) Okay – this is getting tough… but really the best thing about going to Vision Expo is sitting down at the end of the day – and of course – going home.

See you all next year! And stay tuned to find out who won our drawing for the Kindle!


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