Posted by: juliegriffey | May 9, 2011

New Product Announcement: Viva Drops Now Available in Unidose Packs

Amcon’s own Viva Drops (made at our manufacturing facility Dakota Labs, in Mitchell, South Dakota) is now available in two new forms: a 20-pack of single use containers and a two-pack of single use containers, both containing the original formulation of preservative free Viva Drops. These products supplement the original preservative free 10 mL bottle we introduced in 2009.

The new packaging forms provide alternatives for different types of Viva Drop users.  Because Viva Drops are preservative free, it is recommended that to avoid contamination, the bottle be discarded 30 days after opening.  For frequent users this may not be an issue as they will most likely use all the contents prior to 30 days. But for more sporadic users, the box of single units are ideal.   You can open one when needed, but keep the box on hand until it’s expiration date.  The 2-pack of single use containers is ideal for the professional practitioner who wants to give a patient a sample of Viva Drops.  Ideally, the patient will like the product and return to the practitioner’s office to purchase Viva Drops.

Currently, Amcon is giving 24 patient 2-packs to any eye professional purchasing 24+ of the 10mL bottles or the 20-single use boxes.

To learn more about Viva Drops, visit the Viva Drops web site.


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