Posted by: juliegriffey | May 15, 2011

My What Big Eyes You Have! Big Eyes are the New and Dangerous? Fashion Trend

big eyes anime
Have you gazed into a woman’s eyes recently and thought “jeez your eyes are big!”  Chances are… it’s not natural and this set of eyes has been enhanced. Inspired by Lady Gaga in her “Bad Romance” video and the style of character illustration in Japanese anime, dramatically large eyes have become a recent trend.

While Lady Gaga’s eyes could have been digitally enhanced in post production on her video, non-popstars who want to sport this look can do so by wearing a special circular contact lens that covers both the iris and parts of the white of the eye.  These contacts cost about $20 – $30  per pair, are made in China and can be easily be purchase online.  (Just Google “Big Eye Contacts”)

So what’s the problem with adopting this Kewpie doll look? Well… there are a few issues.  1) Big eye contacts have not been approved by the FDA in the U.S. so they don’t adhere to our manufacturing standards.  2) Buying and wearing contacts that are not fit to your eyes can lead to ill-fitting contacts that cause corneal abrasions and deprive the eyes of oxygen.

Fortunately, as with all trends, big eye contacts will wane in popularity. And as far as fashion trends inspired by Lady Gaga go, at least it’s not the meat dress!



  1. It’s amazing what people will do to their bodies all in the name of fashion. When I think of those who have diminished sight, or no sight at all, it makes me wonder why those that have healthy eyes would want to jeopardize their vision just to look different.

  2. […] Never buy cosmetic contacts without a prescription! Never share your cosmetic contacts with others or use someone else’s contacts. (See our previous post about contacts that make your eyes look big.) […]

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