Posted by: Bryan B. | May 31, 2011

A new retailing opportunity: Soft as Silk lens cleaning cloth 3 pack

Soft as Silk- Retail 3 Pack

Soft as Silk- Retail 3 Pack

We are happy to introduce our Soft as Silk – Retail 3 Pack. Each 3 pack includes 3 different Soft as Silk Designs.

  • The  Hearts and Solids 3 pack, OG-2105, includes: SC-9847 Serenity Blue, SC-9862 Hearts, and the SC-9807 cloth.
  • The Polka Dots and Solids 3 pack, OG-2102,  includes: SC-9827 Slate Grey Cloth, SC-9857 Pink Polka Dots, and the SC-9837 Lipstick Pink cloth.
    Benefits include:

  • Low price Both 3 packs are sold at $2.95 each.
  • Designed for retailing. Easy to display see through plastic pouch with button on the front and hook for hanging in any point of sale hanger.
  • Great Variety Each kit includes 3 6″ x 6″ Soft as Silk cloths in different, complementary designs; one for work, home and fun.
  • Durable packaging Cloths stay clean when carried in a purse.

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