Posted by: juliegriffey | June 6, 2011

Five Reasons Why Social Media Can Help Promote Your Optical Practice

social mediaYou may have heard the term “social media” and may even know what it means. But do you currently use new social media tools to help promote your practice? Social marketing may be the least expensive and most effective form of marketing for your optical practice.

What is social media?
Social media includes blogging and using applications like Facebook and Twitter to communicate and share ideas with people who are interested.

Why do it?
For an optical practitioner, there could be many benefits.

1) You become easier to find. Every time you write a blog post or tweet – your content becomes searchable. So, for example, after you write 50 posts about lasik surgery, when someone searches “lasik surgery,” your post might come up – which might lead a potential patient to you.

2) Through a collection of posts, your personality emerges. Potential patients can see that you are a normal, intelligent person who is engaged in a discussion related to your professional practice and this would make a positive impression.

3) Obtain new professional colleague and connections. Applications like Facebook have networks that allow you to connect with other optical professionals. Making these connections could lead to referrals, collaborations, etc…

4) Quick notification of specials opportunities. Once you establish yourself on applications like Facebook and Twitter, your followers receive an immediate notification of your post. If you are offering special opportunities or a sale, several potential customers can be immediately notified.

5) New opportunities may arise. Once you start creating content and associated your name to a particular niche, you may start to be perceived as an expert in an area. Once you establish yourself as an expert, many opportunities can arise. You may be asked for a quote, to contribute to an article, to speak, etc… These opportunities will provide greater exposure for your practice.



  1. […] If you are not using social media to promote your practice you may be thinking… why? how? Well – there is a lot of power in developing a social media presence to a) help people find you and b) establish you as an expert in a niche market. In fact, social media has been a topic that I have discussed in the past on this blog (5 Reasons Why… […]

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