Posted by: juliegriffey | June 26, 2011

A Clever Practice Marketing Strategy: Distributing Imprinted Flat Packs

Imprinted Flat Packs Are a Great Way to Promote Your Practice

One of the benefits of having a phone sales team is getting to hear first-hand how our customers are using our products. Last week one of our customers told us how they were using their Amcon imprinted flat packs to help bring new patients into their practice. We thought the idea was so clever that we had to share it.

Imprinted products such as lens cleaner, flat packs, cleaning cloths, eye glass case stickers, etc… are a great way to remind a patient of their eye doctor and make it as easy as possible to reschedule an appointment. But how can you get products imprinted with your practice name into the hands of potential patients?

One of our contact lens dispensing customers explained that his practice regularly donates a few dozen imprinted flat packs to local school nurses. When kids come to the nurse’s office having trouble with their contacts, the nurse gives them a flat pack to store their contact lens. This simple gesture facilitates the promotion of an optical practice to a new generation of patients.

Thanks for the great idea!


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