Posted by: Bryan B. | August 28, 2011

Why does Dr. Darol Bonander, O.D. recommend VIVA Drops® to his patients?

Dr. Darol Bonander has been using VIVA Drops® for over 20 years.  While we know that VIVA Drops® are great… we wanted to hear about his first-hand experience, so we sent him some questions that he was nice enough to answer for us.

Why did you start using VIVA Drops®?

I met Dr. Rengstorff (one of the inventors of VIVA Drops® many years ago and he explained the therapeutic value of the retinyl palmitate component in VIVA Drops®.  Retinyl palmitate stimulates the meibomian glands and the goblet cells to produce mucus and “oil,” becoming a therapeutic agent creating a naturally improved tear state. Another important consideration is that VIVA Drops® are sterile and formulated without the need for preservatives, thus eliminating the complications associated with preservatives, e.g. patient sensitivity and interference with conjunctival healing.

What types of patients seem to benefit most from VIVA Drops®?

Patients with mucus deficiency and/or evaporative dry eyes stand to benefit.

How does VIVA Drops® differ from other dry eye drops?

VIVA Drops® produces an optimal balance of lubricating agents that is most similar to the natural healthy tear state. It is comfortable and provides soothing relief to burning watery dry eyes.

How does VIVA Drops® compare to cyclosporine A 0.05% in the treatment of dry eye?

I have found compliance with cyclosporine A 0.05% is poor at times due to patient discomfort and cost. As a result, some patients are not able to successfully achieve therapeutic benefit from the treatment.

What are the other benefits of using VIVA Drops® to treat dry eye?

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the fact that it’s available only through the doctor’s office is an excellent way to monitor compliance. Plus it provides opportunity to clinically follow up with the patients on a regular basis.


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