Posted by: juliegriffey | September 6, 2011

My husband lost his $300 sunglasses in the Mediterranean: a possible solution and a retail opportunity

Hello from Sitges, Spain, a beautiful beach resort on the Mediterranean where I am vacationing this week.  Between day trips around the Catalan region, we have been getting in plenty of beach time – building sand castles, jumping waves etc… The water is just perfect and crowds (now that the European August vacation time is over) are low.

My husband – probably the most enthusiastic wave jumper in the group – wore his $300 Maui Jim sunglasses in the ocean and lost them when he got hit by a big wave.  Fortunately, he quickly found them floating near by.   Now – when this happens to most normal people, they make a note to self – don’t wear my fancy sunglasses into rough waters – especially without an eyeglass retainer.  But not my husband.  Two days later – the waves knocked off his Maui Jims and now they are gone for good…. or they are possibly washed up on the beach.  Maybe we need check that out.

Anyway – when this all went down – I tried not to be irritated – what good is that going to do?  That proved to be difficult though when he inferred that he wouldn’t have lost his sunglasses had I brought him home a Croakie from Amcon.  Okay… this is my fault????

This did, however, get me thinking about the problem of being on vacation, surfing waves, losing sunglasses and Croakies.  At Amcon, we sell our own brand of neoprene sports bands that can be imprinted with a practice name – or anything else.  It seems like an optical practice near a resort town could sell neoprene sports bands imprinted with the name of the resort.   This would be the perfect purchase for a visitor who wants to hold on to their sunglasses and bring home a souvenir.

Scarily enough, I’ve written about losing sunglasses in the past.  I think this was around the time last year when my husband lost his last pair of Maui Jims.


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