Posted by: Bryan B. | September 18, 2011

Amcon sales rep, Cindy L., relieves her family’s dry eye syndrome with VIVA Drops

The VIVA Drops® Line

The VIVA Drops® Line

I have heard that in order to be a good sales person, you have to truly believe in the product you are selling.  When it comes to Viva Drops, this is truly the case for Amcon sales rep, Cindy L.

Recently Cindy shared the following story:

 Before I came to Amcon, I had never heard of VIVA Drops®. I learned that Viva Drops are antioxidant based, preservative free and are used for dry and irritated eyes.

When my sister was recently diagnosed with dry eye syndrome the doctor handed her a sample of some lubricating drops to try. She used them, but complained that she still had burning and irritation during the day.

I bought her a bottle of Viva Drops. After a few days of using the VIVA Drops®, she asked for more. She was amazed how much her eyes felt lubricated and relieved.

The other day my father was visiting a friend who lives on a farm. When Dad goes there he often comes back with red, burning eyes. I offered him VIVA Drops® for the first time. Dad can be a skeptic, so I wasn’t expecting much of a response. I honestly didn’t even know if he would try them. To my amazement, he not only tried them, but he commented about them the next day. He said, “I tried those drops you gave me, and they are great. My eyes haven’t bothered me all day today.”

So I am totally sold on what VIVA Drops® can do. If they can change a skeptic, they have to be good.

This week the Viva Drop single use pack of 20 is on sale.  For more information, or to request a sample, please visit the Viva Drops web site at:



  1. Cindy, great post! I bought a bottle for my dad, and he absolutely loves Viva Drops! He keeps them in the refrigerator, so when he wakes up in the morning he puts them in right away and says they feel cool and refreshing!

  2. Way to go Cindy! I use Viva Drops everyday myself and absolutely love them. I keep them in the refrigerator at home and keep a stash here at my desk. They have made a tremendous difference!

  3. Thanks, Mary
    Thanks, Susan
    The little refrigerator trick is a great one and definately gives your eyes an additional boost of cool. Glad you mentioned it.

  4. Viva Drops are an easy sale to almost anyone. I’m a Viva Drop user myself and after 8 yrs as an optician with dry eyes trying almost every product, Viva drops are hands down THE BEST there is. I’m so happy Cindy your family can testify to this!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Lisa. With your optician background, and seeing lots of different eye issues, your experience really helps solidify the benefit Viva Drops can give. Thanks for sharing.

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