Posted by: juliegriffey | September 26, 2011

Meet Your Amcon Sales Rep: Your Optical Supply Specialist

One of the great benefits of being an Amcon sales representative is that you get to build unique relationships with our customers. Conversations about nosepads and screws lead to stories about kids, spouses, hobbies, etc… which results in our sales reps and customers really getting to know and like each other.  This is evident whenever we travel to a show where we see our customer’s in person. Often our customers approach our booth asking to see the sales rep they speak with on a regular basis, and if that person is not at the booth, they are disappointed.

It’s fun to see the person on the other side of the phone line, so we introduced a new feature on our web site: “Meet Your Amcon sales rep.” On this page you can select your state and then you are directed to the sales representative whose territory encompasses your state.  This is not a fool-proof method of identifying your sales rep as some of our customers have different sales reps due to special circumstances, so in this case, you can just scroll down the page and find your rep.


In honor of this new page launch, we asked our reps to share some information about themselves and their favorite relationships with their customers over the years.  Here’s what they had to say.

“I have a customer in New Hampshire, that when I first started calling there, they were not very receptive to my calls.  Finally one day I got to talk to a young man named Scott.  He asked me if I would call on a particular day at a particular time, I did as he asked.  Now Scott tells people he is my New Hampshire son.  Having a close relationship with my customers is very satisfying, after 10 years, I consider a good many of them friends.

I also had a customer ask me if I knew how to bar-b-que, he wanted to do ribs for his son that was visiting from out of town.  I told him yes, and sent him my recipe and cooking instructions.  He said his ribs turned out great and when people asked him where he got the recipe and learned how to do it, he told them ‘Joyce in St. Louis taught me over the phone.’  I thought that was pretty unusual.”


“There are many of my customers I love talking to. We catch up on what is going on in our lives. I always learn from customers they clue me in on what is new in the market. I have become very good friends with some of my customers friendships that will last forever.”

– Beth 

“I love all of my customers equally,and servicing all of them to the best of my ability. I am so grateful for each and every customer! Exchanging kid-friendly, fun cooking recipes with other customers who have children or grandchildren is a frequent topic when I’m speaking with my customers. ”


“After being here for so long I have built friendships with a number of my customers. We have a blast. (We get the job done-but have fun doing it all the same!!)

Answering the phone to find one of my customers calling to say hello & to let me know that after several years she was back in the industry… and she thought of me right away. (she still had my card from the last office where she worked). She opened an account for the office that she is currently working for and is once again ordering all of eye care supplies through me. Talk about a great feeling!! ”



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