Posted by: Bryan B. | October 9, 2011

Dr. Lark recommends VIVA Drops in her Women’s Wellness Today newsletter

Dr. Lark's Web Site

Dr. Lark's Web Site

Frequently we have consumers contact us to request samples of  VIVA Drops , (a dry eye drop that is made by our subsidiary company, Dakota Labs).  We are more than happy to send out samples, however it seemed that recently the consumer sample requests for VIVA Drops have gotten more and more frequent.  So, our Amcon Viva Drops sales specialist asked a few of the consumers where they had heard about VIVA Drops and a couple told her, Dr. Lark’s newsletter, Women’s Wellness Today .

Susan M. Lark, M.D. is a well-known physician and authority on clinical nutrition and preventative medicine based out of Lancaster, PA.  She has been featured in magazines, newspapers and on television and radio. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and has served on the clinical faculty at Stanford University.  Dr. Lark has published 13 books on women’s health and her monthly newsletter, Women’s Wellness Today.

In the September 2011 issue of Women’s Wellness Today, Dr. Lark took on the topic of “Protecting Your Eyes from Strain.”  One of the recommendations she made is to “feed your eyes” by using drops that contain nutrients that have “proven helpful for relieving eyestrain.”  The following excerpt is from the September issue of Dr. Lark’s newsletter.

“One product, however, actually helps regenerate the oily part of the tear film via its vitamin A content. The amount of vitamin A in the product is so small that it appears in the “inactive components” list of ingredients on the label, but studies show that 95 percent of people who use Viva Drops ( see real improvement in their external eyestrain symptoms if they use one drop in each eye six times daily for two weeks, then one drop two or three times daily for a year. This product is available without a prescription online and at some pharmacies.”

What a great accolade (an an accurate assessment) for VIVA Drops! It always great to hear other speaking highly of something that you believe in. Thank you, Dr. Lark!!!


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