Posted by: juliegriffey | October 16, 2011

Amcon’s Boutique Bag: A Creative Use for a New Product

Amcon's Boutique Bag

Amcon's Boutique Bag

We love to hear from our customers – especially when they tell us about new and creative ways for using our products.   Our Amcon sales rep, Beth, has a customer that buys our new boutique bags and they love them.  They use them to send off new patients  in style after they have picked up their new glasses.  Here’s what Beth heard from her customer.

When a new patient orders glasses, they put a cleaning cloth, a bottle of AR-Kleen and a piece of candy in the boutique bag for them to take home.

We love the idea. After years of only offering plastic bags, we are thrilled to see these new bags find an audience.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes – I realize that I usually write more…. but what an exciting baseball game!  Go Cardinals!



  1. Thanks Beth for the idea! When I sale the Boutique Bag’s I now give your idea as a suggestion.

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