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Dry Eye Caused by Sjorgen’s Syndrome and Other Conditions: Why Viva Drops Work Where Other Eye Drops Don’t


Learn more about dry eye caused by Sjogren's syndrome on the Sjogren's Syndrome web site:

This week I was searching for resources on-line that explained why Viva Drops was such an effective treatment for dry eye and why Viva Drops are different then other over-the-counter eye drops.  I found a great article by Marc Grossman, O.D. called “Dry Eyes: There is Hope” that explains it very well.

Dr. Grossman begins by explaining that dry eye is a very common condition that affects about 33 million Americans for many different reasons: too much computer use, smoking, the environment and menopause are a few.  However, one affliction that has gotten a great deal of press recently is Sjogren’s Syndrome.  This is due, in part, to tennis star, Venus Williams’ recent diagnosis of Sjogrens.

Sjorgen’s Syndrome is an auto immune disorder where a person’s white blood cells attack moisture producing glands.  This leads to extreme dry eyes (and dry skin, mouth, etc…)  In an attempt to alleviate the dry eye many people use artificial tears or redness relief drops. Dr. Grossman explains why using artificial tears and redness relief drops is not an effective way to relieve dry eyes.

Although many people find temporary relief with artificial tear preparations, they merely palliate the symptoms. Worse, the preservatives in many of these products can aggravate the condition. In fact, they can even kill corneal cells. Eye drops called vasoconstrictors, that promise to “get the red out”, will reduce circulation in the eye, decrease production of the tear film, and worse, eventually make your eyes even drier.

Always use eye drops without preservatives. These have been shown to enhance corneal healing and improve dry eye problems.

So, if you should not use artificial tears and redness relief drops, what type of drops do you use?  Dr. Grossman says to use drops with vitamin A to treat your dry eye.  He explains why vitamin A helps dry eye.

 In parts of the world where vitamin A deficiency is widespread, severe dry eye syndrome is a leading cause of blindness. Vitamin A is needed for the health of all epithelial (surface) tissues; it is actually found in the tear film of healthy eyes, and is fundamental to the production of the mucous layer of the tears.

We recommend eye drops containing vitamin A because they protect the eyes from free radicals, such as toxins, irritants, allergens and inflammation.

What a great advocation for VIVA Drops: an eye drop containing vitamin A but no preservatives!

Has VIVA Drops helped your dry eye?  We would love to hear about it.

Visit the VIVA Drops web site to request a free sample.



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  2. Love these drops but for some reason can’t find them.. I tend to think that when a lot of people find and like a product and it works, it disappears. The company that makes this product is loosing money because there are a lot or us that want the drops..

    • Viva Drops ARE fantastic! As soon as we can get them back in – we will be offering them for sale. I wish I could help you out!

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