Posted by: cindyletchworth | December 5, 2011

Exam Gloves…Not Just For The Office Anymore

Hello!  I am Cindy, a sales representative at Amcon Labs and the newest contributor to the Amcon GAZEtte Blog.

Sometimes, as a sales representative, you get unusual questions. Other times unusual suggestions. When one customer recently called from her office in Tennessee, she told me she wanted to order exam gloves.

“I don’t know which kind,” she said. “All of the boxes are gone and I don’t have the number, but I can tell you they are clear and powder free.”

“Do you normally get them from us?” I asked.

“Yes we do. I can’t believe we are out of them,” she exclaimed. “We always have some.”

I pulled up her history and found that her office buys the Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves that come in three different sizes. She choose the sizes she needed and then she chuckled.

“You know why we don’t have any gloves in the office?” she asked as the doctor laughed in the background.

“No,” I replied. “What happened?”

“The doctor used them to make his Thanksgiving turkies. I told him it might be a good idea to keep a few boxes in the office for the patients.” She paused and I vaguely heard the doctor tell her something. “The doctor said he also finds the gloves work great during deer season. Keeps the hands clean during the messy parts.”

I asked if she wanted to add another box of gloves to her order just in case something else came up. She said she thought they had it covered, but she whispered that she would hide a box just in case this ever happened again.

I told her that sounded like a good idea. Also told her the gloves were on sale through December in the event the doctor decided to secure a wild boar for the holidays. “You never know,” she giggled.



  1. I have customers that use the exam gloves for fishing in cold weather as well as during hunting season, when cleaning the game before transport. Another great use is in the lab when dying lenses or working with harsh chemicals.

  2. I use exam gloves when I chop onions to keep the smell off my hands. I’ve also used them for cleaning around the house (harsh chemicals like Joyce mentioned), dying my hair (they’re better than the gloves that come in the box of dye), messing with newspaper to start a fire in the stove, and for loading the washing machine when the clothes are gross. They’re very handy products to have around (no pun intended!).

  3. I use the exam gloves when I work in the garden or flower beds. I am allergic to poison ivy and the gloves keep my hands protected. I also carry a couple pair in my car just in case I have a flat tire or something on the way to work and don’t want to get my hands dirty!

  4. Thank you Joyce, Amy and Misty for all your wonderful suggestions on how to use our gloves. They are all great ways to keep our hands clean.

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