Posted by: juliegriffey | December 11, 2011

Can your eyeballs freeze?

Can your eyeballs freeze? This is the kind of question that might cross your mind when you are traveling up to the Vermont tundra (which I was last week).  It is so stinkin’ cold!  When my nose hairs began to freeze, I wondered, what’s next… my eyeballs?

Well, it turns out, not so much.  It takes pretty extreme temperatures to freeze your eyeballs. There is a large amount of muscle surrounding your eye and blood constantly circulating around your eye which helps your eye maintain a constant warm temperature of 98.6 degreed Fahrenheit.  So, unless your body temperature drops drastically, such as if you were severely frostbitten, your eyes will stay warm.

While freezing your eyeballs is an unlikely scenario, damage to your eyes in cold weather is still highly possible.  Cold, dry weather can exacerbate dry eye.  Also, in cold weather people may be less likely to wear sunglasses, and in not doing so, your eyes are more susceptible to UV damage.


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