Posted by: cindyletchworth | December 18, 2011

Dig these cute kid sunglasses! (And, yes we know it’s winter!)

Customers sometimes ask me which kid’s sunglasses are the cutest. They also ask which ones they should buy. Obviously I can’t choose for them, but one of my favorites for girls is the “Jackie O”. If you want style and fashion, you can’t go wrong with these snappy little frames. Honestly I wish they came in adult sizes because I would purchase them immediately.
The “Polka Dot” is another one I like. What little girl doesn’t look adorable in red and white?
The “Pink Frame with Flower Temples” is a popular choice for many offices. Since pink is a go-to color for girls, this frame has it all. Pretty pink hue with multi-colored flowers sprinkled along the temples. It’s a win-win.
Boy styles can sometimes be a bit challenging when deciding which ones may sell the best. The “Camo Kid” seems to be a mainstay for many offices. Usually if someone purchases kid’s sunglasses, a camouflage frame is in the mix. Next would be the “Grey Frame with Soccer Ball Temples”. A fiery soccer ball rips across the temples scoring that elusive goal. It’s every sports enthusiast’s dream! Yes, this frame is definitely a hit, and I’ve had many orders for this style.
Protecting children’s eyes from the sun’s harsh rays is becoming a more standard practice and winter time does not diminish our need for eye protection. Just think of snow and all the bright light that generates. You squint in winter as well as summer, and our eyes are reactive no matter the weather. In fact health care professionals advise protecting eyes in all seasons due to reflective sunlight and those harmful UV rays.
So children need sunglasses too. If you’re still undecided as to which ones to buy, you can view all of our styles online, then you can see if my opinion matches yours.


  1. Cindy, excellent commentary on our Kids Sunglasses. You are right, everyone should protect their eyes from harmful UV rays all year long, especially the little ones. On a recent trip to my ophthalmologist, he told me I had the beginnings of cataracts in both eyes. I could hardly believe it because I always wear sunglasses when outdoors. My eyes are very sensitive to bright light and I can’t stand a breeze on my eyes. He told me the damage was from when I was very small, playing outdoors as a child with no protection. I always buy my granddaughters sunglasses and try to make sure they wear them. They both love the Jackie-O glasses and also the Zebra and Pink with plaid temples. These great glasses have shatter resistant lenses too, so they are safer for the little ones.

  2. I agree with your opinion! My daughter has them all, the pink flowered temples, the red and white polka dot, and many others. While at the pool this past summer, everyone wanted to know where I got the red and white polka dot frames. Adorable on, and you feel great as a parent because your little ones eyes are being protected, while flashing great style.

  3. Thanks Mary and Joyce for your great additions.

  4. A design for the boys that I was shocked to find I loved was the “Rad Racer”. The picture really doesn’t do this frame justice! The “grey” is more of a silver metallic flake and the blue is so brilliant! My nephew is 5 now and he has loved all of the sunglasses I’ve brought him. He called the red and blue Weezers his Spiderman glasses because they are the color of Spidey’s costume; works for Superman, also! We all keep a pair of his sunglasses in each car & some by the front door, so he always has a pair at hand for tooling around town, or playing outside… Well worded post, Cindy! 🙂

  5. My youngest two daughters love the glasses that we offer. They are always eager to know which ones I will bring home next. I found that all the glasses are very durable and do not break that easily. (a great thing since my girls are 4 and 5) I also keep a couple of pair in my vehicle and some in the house for when they play outdoors. My kids are known as the sunglass kids in the neighborhood. They make great stocking stuffers as well!!!!!

  6. Thanks Amy and Misty for more helpful information regarding our super cool specs!

  7. My daughter received her first pair of sunglasses as a baby shower gift, they were included right on top of the package tied in a bow. They were pink. Since then, she has had dozens of glasses and now more for style rather than eye protection (she is a teen). What a great item to add to a baby shower gift, especially if you are in the eye care business! It is something that most parents would not think to purchase or add to their baby shower wish list.

  8. What a nifty idea….a baby shower gift. Thanks Susan for the idea.

  9. My great nieces and nephews are getting the sunglasses for Xmas I cannot not wait to see sunglasses on them they are so cute. Also bought all them Childrens Ficklets for stocking stuffers.

  10. Love the Ficklets too! Marvelous stocking stuffers, Beth. Thanks for sharing.

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