Posted by: cindyletchworth | December 27, 2011

Are your eyes on your 2012 resolution list?

Are your eyes on your 2012 resolution list?

Are your eyes on your 2012 resolution list?

We all make resolutions even if we never share them with others. Secretly we may vow to lose those extra pounds, or to exercise more. We may promise to spend more time with friends. We say we will take better care of our health and eat less processed foods. We start off the year with high expectations and usually find within a month’s time our resolutions are slipping fast.

But eye care doesn’t have to be one of those promises you break. There are simple things you can do to keep your eyes healthy, like making sure your eyes have proper lubrication. If you do a lot of computer and detailed work, or have dry eye syndrome, you know the value of hydration. Using products like Viva Drops, a Similasan or Thera Tears eye drop can help ease your eyes from pesky irritants and discomfort.

If you wear glasses, keeping them clean also alleviates the strain of trying to look through the muck and streaks of daily living. Vista Wipes make keeping lenses clean a quick task. Since they come in foiled packages they are easy to tote around in a pocket or purse. I have a stack of them always at the ready, and love how they clean without the need for drying.

Keeping fingers clean is important for healthful eyes if you wear contacts. Making sure you properly wash your hands with a product like Vista Prep, helps prevent any contaminates from getting between contacts and your delicate eye surface. An antimicrobial towelette like Vista-Naps is another convenient way to get residue off your fingers when you are in a hurry. They cleanse the hands without the need of soap or water. How great is that!

Exercising, eating more fruits and vegetables and relaxing can be a challenge for many of us as the year progresses. But eye health can be easy. Just start with an annual eye exam, get plenty of sleep, and do what you can to protect your eyes from sun, pollution and those un-kept promises to yourself.


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