Posted by: cindyletchworth | January 8, 2012

Do black eyes cause damage to your vision?


My dad fell, right on his face. He was in the house going from one room to another and his cane went out from under him. When he got up he had cuts on his forehead and it looked like someone had punched him.

The skin around his right eye started swelling. At first it was just pink then it turned a horrid shade of dark red. Thirty-six hours later a fat ridge of purple protruded beneath his eye. When dad was able to open his eye, he said his vision seemed blurred.

Since dad’s swelling looked so severe, I decided to check into the stages of black eyes. Here’s what I found.

Black eyes are bruises that often occur due to an injury or a hit on your nose. Immediately after the injury, nominal swelling and reddness appears. As the hours pass, fluid created by the bruise begins to settle in the skin beneath the eyes. This skin is able to hold the fluid produced, because the tissues there are mostly loose and fatty.  As the bruise progresses, the reddness can turn yellow, green, black, burgandy, or a deep purple.

So, if you are like my dad, a whole rainbow may appear on your face before everything heals.

Luckily, serious vision problems don’t usually present themselves with most black eyes. Blurry vision or the inability to open the eye properly is common during the throes of the condition, but should subside as the bruise drifts away. Naturally if it doesn’t, a check-up is in order, but at least knowing blurriness is customary eases the worry.

I let my dad know that he should be okay within several days or a week. He acted like he wasn’t worried but I noticed he spoke about it frequently, and rightly so. When your eyeball seems to disappear within a balloon of raised and vividly colored skin, it’s disconcerting.

He joked that he would need a facelift next, and I told him that wouldn’t be such a good idea. Facelifts are another cause of black eyes, and we don’t want any more of those.


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