Posted by: cindyletchworth | February 5, 2012

Beep-Beep…Time To Change Your Contact Lenses

Digicase Digital Contact Lens Case Reminder Case with Mirror

“Wow, these cases are a great idea,” Cheryl told me as she flipped through the latest Amcon sales flyer.

“I know,” I replied as I wrote down her doctor’s Digicase order. “They are super stylish and a wonderful device for remembering when to change out your contact lenses.”

Our new Digicase Digital Contact Lens Reminder Case with Mirror is a nifty little case designed to alert you when it’s time to replace your disposable contact lenses. Complete with a digital read-out and a lithium battery, each case is ready to go as soon as you set a cycle.

The clock can be set for either 14 or 30 days. When the time is up, an alarm rings for one minute. Then the number screen flashes “0” until a new round is set.

Currently the cases come in four colors. There is black for those who like classic styles, lime  green for the bold at heart, pink for the ladies, and white which goes with any décor. Inside the outer case is a FDA approved leak proof screw-top case, and a handy mirror. The cases are slim, compact and great for home or travel.

Cheryl’s doctor remarked that he thinks these cases will be very popular with the public and physicians.  Later, another ophthalmologist told me he believes these cases will entice patients to be more diligent in changing out disposable contacts which will in turn reduce the occurrence of eye infections due to old lenses. He was so happy with the invention that he ordered a dozen for his office.

These cases are hot but they won’t burn your budget, and they appeal to all ages. A co-worker told me her pre-teen daughter loves them and wants every color. Since she often forgets when to change her lenses, her Digicase should solve that problem.

If you haven’t tried them yet, check them out. I’m sure they’ll fit perfectly into your lifestyle as well as your patient’s.



  1. These digicases are selling like hotcakes! They are a great design that is gender neutral! If only they came in purple…..I would start wearing contact lenses.

  2. So true, Susan. What other great colors can we think of? Maybe pink polka dot to match our Soft As Silk Cloths….

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